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What is an Electronic Cigarette ? Electronic cigarettes consist of two parts: a rechargeable battery and disposable flavor cartridges. (Note: Some e-cigarette brands also have a 3-part design, although we prefer the 2-piece design since it is easier to use). With most ecig brands, the rechargeable battery is made to look like to tobacco (white paper) part of a cigarette. Batteries can be recharged via USB adapter and wall charger, and also by connecting the USB charger to any USB port of a computer, car charger etc. Like any rechargeable battery, performance will decrease with continued use. For this reason it is very important to check out the manufacturers warranties and policies. SmokeTip electronic cigarettes  have the lead here - the company is offering a lifetime warranty on their batteries, so if the battery dies, you can send it in for a replacement. Other brands may offer limited warranties on their batteries, or may offer a lifetime warranty only if you sign up for an auto-shipment membership (basically a subscription service for cartridges). Some brands offer batteries with different capacities - usually the longer the battery, the higher the capacity (the more “puffs” you can take between each recharge). Most brands also offer USB Cigarettes. These USB cigarettes don’t contain a battery but have to remain connected to a USB port - a great solution if you are a heavy smoker and spend much time on a computer. For the fashion-conscious smoker, some brands also offer batteries in different colors other than white (blue and black seem to be quite popular) Disposable flavor cartridges of most brands look like the "filter" part of a tobacco cigarette and contain a liquid (usually made of water, propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine) and an atomizer. We call them “flavor” cartridges and not nicotine cartridges  because all brands also have nicotine-free cartridges available (look for “0 mg nicotine” on the shopping websites). With each puff the liquid is being evaporated, producing a smokelike vapor. The vapor is odor-free and does not contain smoke (nothing being burned here !!). Most brands offer nicotine cartridges in varying strengths, including the aforementioned 0-nicotine options. In addition, most brands have cartridges in different flavors - from regular "tobacco" flavor and menthol to more exotic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, different fruit flavors, etc. Electronic cigarettes which use a 3-part design have separate atomizer and nicotine cartridges. The theoretical advantage is that the more expensive and  longer-lasting atomizer does not get exchanged every time you use a new nicotine cartridge, but you are now dealing with 2 disposable parts - the atomizer also needs to be replaced every once in a while, and its performance degrades over time. As mentioned above we prefer the cleaner and more user-friendly 2-part design, which also ensures that you get a new and well-performing atomizer each time you screw in a new nicotine cartridge. Electronic Cigarettes - Health and safety:  Most of the harmful chemicals and toxins of regular tobacco cigarettes are either substances which are being added to the tobacco or are being created by burning tobacco. Since electronic cigarettes don't use tobacco they also don't contain any of these substances. Electronic cigartettes offer a smoking experience without the smoke, ash, tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide or offensive smell. Since electronic cigarettes are free of tobacco, they do not contain the thousands of harmful carcinogens typically found in tobacco products and can safely be smoked indoors. Free of offensive and harmful second- hand smoke they offer a safer, healthier environment to the smoker and the non-smoking community. Electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation device: Many people have begun using electronic cigarettes to reduce cigarette smoking, or as smoking cessation aid. Similar to nicotine patches or other nicotine replacement devices they deliver nicotine without tobacco use. But electronic cigarettes go one step better. For many smokers, handling a cigarette and inhaling and exhaling smoke is an important part of the habit - frequently as important as the nicotine itself - and a barrier to quitting. Nicotine patches, pills, or other aids fall short in this regard - while they replace cigarettes as nicotine delivery device (or build up averse reactions to nicotine), they do nothing alleviate the urge to handle a cigarette or to inhale and exhale. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand let you continue these habits, while at the same time avoidig all the negative and dangerous side effects (carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, odor) Although many health organizations (such as the FDA) have not approved electronic cigarettes, others (such as the AAAPH) are condoning them as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoke. The main arguments brought against electronic cigarettes include lack of oversight or quality control, the lack of scientific testig of nicotine cartridges to ensure the vapor does not contain harmful chemicals, as well as the notion that users of electronic cigarettes may easily “overdose” on nicotine (get more nicotine than they would using regular cigarettes), and concerns regarding sales to minors. For this reason, some electronic cigarette brands (namely Green Smoke e-cigarettes) will not include any advertising language claiming health benefits of electronic cigarettes (including carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide, chemicals, second-hand smoke, etc). Green Smoke’s official position in this regard: “Even though we do not claim that these statements are NOT true, the FTC policy is that all claims MUST be scientifically substantiated, no matter how obvious they may seem. Until such a point that scientific studies have proven the above statements completely beyond contest, they cannot be used in relation to any Green Smoke product (or any electronic cigarette). In our aim to advance the industry, Green Smoke has begun the process of substantiating these claims scientifically. For the time being, we need to avoid these claims.
E-cig design cross-section 2-piece design - battery and cartomizer (nicotine cartridge) Cartomizer (nicotine cartridge, flavor cartridge)
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