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South Beach Smoke review by Michael from GA on November 09 By far the best quality I find in the South Beach Smoke e-cig is that it is 100% smoke-free.  I am no longer pulling toxic smoke into my lungs.  Not only is that probably healthier for me, it also doesn't bother those around me (like my lovely wife) and it doesn't stink up my clothes or give me bad breath.  You should change the name of your company to South Beach Smokeless!
South Beach Smoke review by Heather from CA on October 22 I was smoking a pack a day and spending about $200 a month on cigarettes. Now I have cut that cost down over 50%... plus I get all the extra benefits of an electronic cigarette. Thanks South Beach Smoke!
South Beach Smoke review by John from NY on October 12 After a full day of smoking, not only did my breath stink, but my car, home and clothes all smelled like smoke and ash. As a result of switching to e-cigarettes, I no longer have to worry about standing too close to someone. The vapor in e-cigs leaves no smell whatsoever on me or my surroundings
South Beach Smoke review by Terence from CA on October 07 Smokers are discriminated against all the time.  We can't smoke anywhere.  With South Beach Smoke, I can now legally smoke in restaurants, bars, theaters and even on airplanes.  It's extremely liberating to know I can smoke wherever I want and whenever I want... and without bothering anyone.
South Beach Smoke review by Dana from IL on October 05 Being a smoker, I was constantly worried about the adverse health effects of smoking.  I knew I was negatively affecting my health with each cigarette, but I couldn't quit.  Now with South Beach Smoke, I have a healthier alternative to get my nicotine fix.
South Beach Smoke review by Daniel from MA on November 13 A product that is finally helping me to quit smoking. I don’t care for the fancy flavors and am only using tobacco flavor, which tastes so much like the cigarettes I used to smoke. The battery usually lasts me through the day. Considering that I am also saving a bundle of money, I would say the e-cigarettes are the best investment I ever made !
South Beach Smoke review by Nick from NJ on November 17 My girlfriend HATES the tobacco smell, and you can’t smoke cigarettes anywhere any more ! So I gave South Beach e cigs a try, and I like them. It is much like real smoke, but without the smell. I went through the cartridges with came with my starter kit already and cannot wait for the new cartridges I ordered.
South Beach Smoke review by Francine from CO on November 28 Excellent! I switched to South Beach Smoke from Blu Cigs and couldn't be happier. What I really like about south beach is the flavor (the tobacco actually tastes just like real cigs) and the fact that the ecig looks like a real cig - the battery actually looks like cigarette paper. The light is also orange. It's great because when I'm in a crowd ad pull it out, it doesn't draw any unwanted attention. I also like the performance of the battery. It lasts all day unlike the Blu Cigs battery. I've had nothing but a pleasant time using it and dealing with the company. I would easily recommend south beach smoke over any other brand.
South Beach Smoke review by Jamie from NJ on December 14 I have been smoking South Beach Smokes now for about 3 weeks- I had a few issues at first with my batteries but they were quickly swamped out for fresh ones by SBS excellent customer service. I have been smoking them exclusively for the past 2 weeks and don't even want a real cigarette anymore. I started smoking the light tobacco flavor, which was good but then switched to Vanilla and really enjoy them much more then the regular cigarettes. I can now smoke in bed, in the car, anywhere without stinking up the place and annoying everyone around me. After 20 years of daily smoking and having tried everything to stop- gum, patches, hypnotism- I thought I would never stop. I am so happy I gave SBS a try- great product, great customer service, 30 day money back guarantee- you can't go wrong.
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