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SmokeTip - The Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette
User Reviews SMOKETIP
SmokeTip - The Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette
Recent SmokeTip e-cigarette reviews
SmokeTip review by Judy from FL on January 04 Great E cig !!!This product is the best and the service is over the top. Excellent e-cigarette with the best prices and warranty I have ever experienced. I hated my smoking habit and THIS PRODUCT WORKS - I stopped smoking completely! My state of life has been improved by this product. I am so pleased with your product, prices, fantasic customer service and super fast delivery. You offer the best service and warranty I have EVER had on any purchase I have EVER made. I am a very happy & satisfied non smoker customer. I am your customer forever. Thank you SmokeTip !!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
SmokeTip review by Don from NC on November 12 I ordered the travel charger case today and was not sure if it would work with the batteries i got with the kit.  I had an aswer to my question fairly quickly.  Cristy, from customer service called me and insurred me of this as well!  5,000 stars for customer service!
SmokeTip review by Tim from NY on December 17 I tried several different e-cig brands over the last couple of years - Apollo, Blu, Safe Cig and some others. Never been really satisfied, or problems with batteries, etc. Along came SmokeTip - one of the simplest systems on market. It is very reassuring that they provide a lifetime warranty on the batteries. Like all rechargeable batteries, e cig batteries stop working sooner or later. This happened to me about two weeks ago. Battery stopped working. I sent an email to SmokeTip, they sent me a new battery right away (arrived three days later), at no charge. Cristy from customer service is really great - almost immediate response. Of course I was not charged anything, I just returned the old battery by regular mail.
SmokeTip review by Jeannie from GA on December 13 We ordered a Smoketip starter kit for my father who is 79 years old and smokes way too much. At first he ridiculed the idea and said he would never use e-cigs, they were a joke. Then we made him try (took a lot of convincing!) and now he is sold on it. He loves the way the taste (regular tobacco taste), and now he thinks that regular cigarettes are just awful and stink !! He always used to get into trouble with the upstairs neighbor (she complained about the smoke smell for years !), and I don’t think they are in love now, but at least peaceful coesistence. Now I’ll just have to convince my brother to switch to e-cigs ...
SmokeTip review by Sean on October 29 I must say,that so far,I am very pleased with my new SmokeTip E-Cig.I ordered the starter kit,and within 3 days,it was in my mailbox.They advertise that both batteries come charged out of the box,but I had to charge the second battery because it was dead,but this was no big deal.I selected the 16MG regular flavor,and it tastes very smooth and has a slight sweet background flavor.The vapor this E-Cig provides is pretty decent,although I cant speak for other brands,this is my first E-Cig I have ever purchased.I smoked analogs for about 7 years and I quit smoking 6 months ago,but I terribly missed having my morning and after-supper cigarette,so I chose to try an E-Cig rather than go back to regular smelly cigarettes,since I refuse to smoke those anymore.The battery life seems decent to me,I can smoke on and off all day on a single charge.The cartridges last me about two days each.I will try other flavors,but for now,I'll stick with the regular flavor.I got my kit on a discount special for $39.99 and free shipping,and I cant be more happy over that,its a very good price for what you get.Even the original $59 price is good compared to other brands of E-Cigs I was considering (spending $100 and up is common).Anyway,I am very happy with my SmokeTip,and I enjoy the fact that I can now have my relaxing cigarette,minus all the chemicals,tar,secondhand smoke,smell,ashes,ect.I'm also pleased with their lifetime warranty on their batteries,with a free replacement if the battery quits or dies,no other brand can offer this kind of warranty,not that I know of.I cant rate their customer service,since I have not had to contact them yet,and hopefully,I wont have too.I very much recommend this E-Cig to anyone wanting a cheaper,and safe way to smoke,or should I say ''Vape''.I'm very happy.
SmokeTip review by Steve on October 12 After doing hours of research and deciding between PG and VG, i decided to pull the trigger on Smoke Tip. I was looking at Safe Cig initially b/c a friend was using it, but after reading reviews about their poor customer service, i moved on. Then, i was looking at ProSmoke and was about to buy that product, but then i read that VG, when heated beyond 280C, it turns into acrolein. Also, PG used in e-cigs is of food-grade quality and commonly used in inhalers and is deemed FDA-safe. So, i decided to take another look at e-cigs that use PG. Plus, i also like a good throat hit and i've read that VG doesnt provide as good a throat hit as PG. Therefore, i looked at others and compared them to ProSmoke. So, i looked at SmokeTip based on the fact that it got the most reviews on here and that they were mostly positive. The icing on the cake for me with SmokeTip was two-fold: its lifetime warranty as opposed to ProSmoke's 1-year warranty; and SmokeTip's battery uses the KR808D-1 model, which is a highly regarded model for vaping and it also means you dont necessarily have to buy cartomizers from SmokeTip, but rather you can go online and just search for cartomizers that fit the KR808D-1 model. B/c of these reasons, i chose SmokeTip. However, ProSmoke might possibly use the same model, but i dont know. I ordered the starter kit for $59.95. Delivery was very fast. The batteries came charged right out of the box. After connecting the cartomizer to the battery, the weight is a little heavier than a cigarette. Its about 1/4 longer and slightly bigger in diameter than a cigarette. The throat hit is that of a Camel light and the vapor is a little less than a cigarette. The key to using it is to take slow drags, not fast drags like you would on a cigarette. If you keep this in mind, then each drag is adequate. I havent felt the need to smoke a cigarette since. In conclusion, i would recommend SmokeTip to anyone looking for an alternative to cigarettes.
SmokeTip review by Bob from OH on February 11 I have been using Smoke Tips for about 15 months, & I havent touched a real cig. But, I do have to admit food dose taste better to me & I have put on weight. I think this is a great product & wont blame my added weight on it.
SmokeTip review by Jayne from NC on February 16 February 5th was my SIX month Anniversary of not smoking thanks to the smoketip E ciggerette.Still using the smoketip .Love it ,love it thankyou ,I'm feeling so much better and can Breath and no more coughing amazing way to quit.
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