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SmokeTip introduces new Flavors (January 2011) SmokeTip, one of the 5 top electronic cigarette brands, just introduced 5 great new flavors. The new flavors are Banana, Cinnamon, Orange, Pineapple and Watermelon. This brings the total to 19 available flavors. All flavors are available in all different strengths (from 0 mg = no nicotine, 6 mg = Ultra, 12 mg = Light and 16 mg = Full Strength). Pricing discounts on e-cigarette cartridges apply with minimum order of 2 packs; pay only $15.95 per pack if ordering 5 or more 10-packs.
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Smoketip cartomizer flavors
Eversmoke e-cigarettes Personal Charging Case in stock (January 2011) EverSmoke, the new top electronic cigarette brand, just confirmed that their Personal Charging Case case is now permanently in stock. The Personal Charging Case allows you to re-charge your EverSmoke e-cig batteries “on the go”, without the use of an electrical outlet. This extremely cool looking charger It is shaped like a cigarette pack, has space for cartridges (for storage) and allows you to recharge your battery for up to four times before you have to plug the Personal Charging Case back into a wall outlet (using the supplied Wall Charger or USB cable). EverSmoke’s Personal Charging Case also includes battery life LED display, handy exterior flash light and interior case light. The case is included in the EverSmoke Ultimate Plus Starter Kit which retails for $154.99, or can be purchased separately for $49.99. Please go to our EverSmoke page for more information about this exciting new e-cigarette brand !!
Eversmoke e cigs Personal Charging Case
Green Smoke offering new line of disposable e-cigs (January 2011) Green Smoke is now offering a line of disposable e-cigarettes. The disposable e-cigarettes are called Green Smoke Vapors, are sold in a 6-pack and are available in Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice flavors only, at 1.8% nicotine. The 6-pack is priced at a discounted price of $57.99 (regular price $72). Each Vapors e-cig is comparable to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.
Green Smoke Vapors disposable e-cigarettes

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SmokeTip e-cigarettes lowering prices on assortment pack (February 2011) After introducing 5 new flavors in January 2011, SmokeTip, one of the 5 top electronic cigarette brands, is selling off their assortment packs for just $12.50 for a 10-pack of cartomizers. The variety pack includes the following flavors: Regular, Menthol, Almond, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla. This lower pricing will be in effect just for a few weeks, until the existing supply is sold off. SmokeTip will then introduce new variety packs, presumably at regular pricing of $19.95 for a 10-pack (as low as $15.95 if you order five or more).
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Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke BUY 1, GET 1 FREE holiday sale !

(December 2012) Enjoy a BUY 1, GET 1 FREE SALE. From December 1 through December 25, both Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke are running a great holiday sale. Buy 1 starter kit at regular price and get a second one for free. This is a great opportunity to get a kit as Christmas present for a loved one and at the same time reward yourself with a free kit ! (this promotion applies to starter kits only; refill cartridges and dispsables are not included).
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