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Green Smoke electronic cigarettes The Green Smoke e-cigarette looks, tastes and feels just like a traditional cigarette, but it leaves over none of the offensive odor, ash or cigarette butts. Green Smoke e-cigarettes are powered by rechargeable batteries, instead of cigarette lighters. Because they let out a fresh scent instead of a smoky odor, you can often smoke them in non-smoking zones such as restaurants, business offices and bars. So not only will your breath and clothes not smell from cigarette smoke, but your friends won't complain about your smoking habit either. This elegant e-cigarette has a patent-pending 2 part design that is effortless to assemble and easy to maintain. Not only that, but Green Smoke e-cigarettes emit an incredibly high smoke volume, so they give you the same feeling as traditional cigarettes. And another great benefit - Green Smoke e-cigarettes cost less than traditional cigarettes in the long-run. Green Smoke starter kits: Green Smoke offers several different e-cigarette starter kits. The least expensive starter kit is $89.99 and includes 1 rechargeable battery, 1 USB cigarette (for constant connection to USB port), 1 USB home charger kit (USB adapter & wall adapter), 5 flavor cartridges and member card. (A USB-only starter kit is also available for $69.99) Nicotine Cartridges are offered in 7 different flavors and 5 strengths (from 0 nicotine to strong). Accessories include travel cases, USB chargers and Green Smoke branded T-shirts, coffee mugs and more. Green Smoke Vapors: Green Smoke Vapors are a new line of disposable electronic cigarettes, sold in a 6-pack in Tobacco and Menthol flavors. Go to the Green Smoke website for more details.
Green Smoke starter kit
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