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Recent Eversmoke e-cigarette reviews
Eversmoke review by Sam from NC on December 20 As a former smoker I cannot express how happy I am with your e-cigarette. When I first heard of them, I was extremely skeptical, but after reading some studies and reviews on the various ingredients, it was clear that e-cigs were a better choice. I enjoyed smoking for 25 years and knew a patch or gum would not help me kick the habit. I was tired of smelling and being treated as an outcast at social events because I smoked. Also the health issues associated with smoking were growing to be a huge concern of mine and with the constant increase in cigarette prices, it was time to quit! After reading consumer reviews on various manufacturers, I decided on EverSmoke. I love your products and customer service they are amazing. Your e-cigarette feels and tastes like a real cigarette. I haven't had the urge to pick up one of my old cigarettes and feel completely satisfied with e- cigs. My e-cigarete also made a big hit at the last party I went to. No one could believe how realistic my e-cigarette looked and they were shocked to hear how much money I have saved since kicking the old habit. I only wish I knew about your company sooner, thank you EverSmoke!
Eversmoke review by Angie from TX on December 21 I started smoking a few years ago because I was under a lot of stress at work. I tried quitting a few times and didn't have any success. My boyfriend isn't a smoker and we used to argue all the time over my smoking. He didn't like the way I smelled and that I had to leave him to go outside to have a cigarette when we were out to dinner. My mother was also nagging me to quit and would remind me how she didn't want me to die of lung cancer. A co-worker told me about your electronic cigarettes and I decided to give them a try. I secretly was worried that I would gain weight like everyone told me they did when they quit smoking. It has now been four months since I switched to e-cigs, I'm living a smoke-free life, and I haven't gained any weight. I couldn't be happier!  I threw away my old cigarettes and now I can smoke anywhere without having to go outside. I even went to the movies and was able to smoke inside the theater. My boyfriend is also thrilled that I don't smell like an ashtray anymore.
Eversmoke review by Lauren from MA on December 21 I recently found out that I was expecting our first baby and after my excitement, I realized we had to quit smoking. After looking at all the different types of smoking aids with my husband, we decided to try electronic cigarettes. We knew that we had to find a way to quit right away and after reading other success stories we figured we would give them a try. We made the right choice and have been 100% smoke and cigarette free for three months. We are so happy that we are no longer pulling toxic smoke into our lungs. Not only is that healthier for us, it also means our baby won't have to inhale second hand smoke. Thank you for giving our family a new start on a healthier lifestyle. 
Eversmoke review by Shelly from CA on December 22 Thank you, EverSmoke, for helping me quit smoking. I was smoking a pack a day and spending over $200 a month on cigarettes. I wanted to quit, but didn't know how to start. I saw one of your ads on a health website and figured I had nothing to lose after reading about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Now, six months later I still can't believe that an electronic cigarette completely satisfied my cravings for regular cigarettes. I can't ever imagine wanting to smoke anything other than my e-cigarettes. The flavors are delicious and I can't get enough of the cherry flavor. 
Eversmoke review by Charlie from NY on December 23 I have been a smoker all my life and never thought I would survive even a single day without my cigarettes. A few months ago, I had a health scare and realized that the opposite was true. My doctor told me that I was shorting my life every time I smoked, he suggested trying electronic cigarettes. I wasn't crazy about the idea and thought that e-cigs were only for younger people, but I decided to try your brand. I can’t thank your company enough! I haven't picked up a regular cigarette since. 
Eversmoke review by Jules from NH on December 23 I just received my shipment, just in time for Christmas, and I am very happy with my e cig choice. They taste like a real cigarette, heavy vapor and good smoking sensation. So far this is the best e-cigarete I have used, better than South Beach smoke. Once I reorder the cartridges I hope they will arrive as quickly as my starter kit did.
Eversmoke review by Joan from NY on December 27 My hubby bought gave me an EverSmoke starter kit as a gift, and I am SO happy with it ! I had tried a few others before (Blu, ProSmoke and Apollo) but had different issues with each of them. So far I must say EverSmoke is just a great e-cig. Convincing flavor, good battery life. I just signed up for the auto-shipment program which should save me some money on the cartridges.
Eversmoke review by Laurie from TX on January 17 I wish you could have seen my daughters face when she tried your product. As the grin grew, I knew it was a hit. She asked why I hadn't bought it for her long ago. I loved her reaction, as I know you would have too!! She is only 21 and has a full life ahead of her I pray! Just wanted to say thank you!!
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